Security print shop:

Complete, comprehensive monitoring and documentation of the exact quantity-controlled, as well as the pre- and semi-finished products, production using the appropriate instruments.

Access and admission:

Personnel and product guidance systems combined with access authorisation assure the strict, functional separation of operational departments and processes. All departments are subjected to strict video monitoring. Constructional measures extend the security concept.

Information Security:

Data and information security are strictly regulated. Strict isolation, defined access policies, and several backup solutions ensure the availability of security relevant information at any time.


Continuous monitoring, documentation, and recording of all production and handling processes allow for the seamless traceability of the internal processes.

Our security management system was certified according to the following regulations:

• DeTeCardService / TÜVit TU4 V 2.0 Requirements for safety and quality management systems
• Certified by INTERGRAF through VPGI, Netherlands, DIN EN ISO 14298:2013 Management of Security Processes Printing