Official Sealing

SicoTra® closure seals serve the purpose of sealing and labelling crime scenes and officially sealed premises or containers. In addition they are used to seal confidential shipments in logistics and air and sea transport, to guarantee that the containers are veritably sealed. The optimal material and safety features can be put together for every type of usage and for all environmental or weather conditions.

Product Identification

Product forgery and the increase in damage through grey and parallel trade make certification of authenticity indispensable. Directly applied to the product, safety seals serve as certification of authenticity or proof of guarantee. The materials and safety features of the seal depend on the usage. This ranges from technically demanding seals in the motor vehicle sector to visually appealing seals in the branded article sector. The design regarding the look & feel of the product is done individually in the combination of visible and invisible security elements, which support the value and appearance of the brand.

Casing Sealing

SicoTra® casing seals are used for the verifiable closure of card reading machines, Smart Card readers, and other casing. Applied to the relevant closing area of the casing, any unauthorized opening or manipulation of the seal will be reliably and irreversibly shown. The combination of different authenticity and safety features make each seal unique. In addition, the use of a variety of different foil types, which either show a first opening through an irreversible opening message or which can only be removed from the sealed case by being destroyed. All safety combinations together ensure that manipulations or similar things are shown reliably. This is also confirmed through the relevant certification of the terminal seal through the BSI (Federal office for safety in information technology). The relevant size and layout of the terminal seal are, just like the possible coding, freely determinable.

SicoTra® Closure Seal

SicoTra® closure seals serve the purpose of proving first opening and show manipulation of packaging irreversibly through proof of first opening, called the void effect. Closure seals are, depending on their use, available with or without a glue residue. Format, design, and configuration are individually determinable.


• Product packaging
• Outer packaging
• Shipping packaging
• Sealing of shipments with confidential or critical content
• Sealing of large containers or doors, for example, containers, trailers, storage areas

Security Features:

• First opening notification
• UV properties
• Value and safety print
• Numbering / coding
• Optically variable elements in the form of a stripe and patch
• Diverse individually designed visible and invisible features.


• Manual
• Automatic in dispensing machines

SicoTra® Sealing Tape

SicoTra® sealing tape is used to seal different products and packaging. It leaves an irreversible four language opening message (OPENED GEÖFFNET OUVERT APERTO) on the surface and can be delivered with or without an adhesive covering. In combination with different safety features, design and configuration may, just like with all other SicoTra® products, be individually designed. SicoTra® sealing tape is available according to standard as practical reel equipment (50 m in length / 48 mm width / 76 mm roll core).

Security Features:

• First opening notification
• UV properties
• Numbering / Coding...


• Securing the closure of parcels and packaging
• Pallet wrapping
• Securing other large surface closures


• Length and breadth of the sealing tape can be specified
• With or without adhesive covering
• Diameter of the roll core is variable


• Manual
• On manual dispensers
• Automatic in dispensing and unrolling machines