Holographic Seals

Different variations of SicoTra® hologram labels allow for an individual public authority or company imprint. The respective safety features of the different foils ensure that the seal is safe from forgery and manipulation, thanks to the hologram and additional security features.

Sticky Document Seal

The classic ink stamp does not allow for the necessary amount of protection from manipulation and forgery any more, since it is freely available and can easily be copied. In addition, the lack of numbering allows for a quantitative acquisition. With our SicoTra® sticky document seal you are able to protect your confidential documents, deeds, and certificates safely from manipulation and forgery. It is possible to integrate different security features and to further individualize them with your authority or company logo. SicoTra® sticky document seals cannot be removed without being destroyed.


• Credentials
• Documentation
• Notarization
• Certification
• Evidence
• Ownership and possession notifications

Security Features:

• Guilloches
• Micro text
• Numbering / Coding
• Thermoreactive features
• Interference, fluorescence

Overlays / Protective Lamination

Overlays and protective lamination offer various possibilities for protecting sensitive data, information, and picture material Numerous visible and invisible security features allow for a variety of combination options, which preclude forgery or manipulation.