Motor vehicle badges and seals on the licence plate serve as proof of technical vehicle examinations and official registration in stationary and moving traffic. SicoTra® motor vehicle badges combine a high weather- and material resistance with the high demands of forgery protection. Invisible safety markers prevent manipulation and make them irreversibly visible when they occur. Each seal can be individually identified with the help of its individual characteristics. The Federal Motor Transport Authority and material testing offices regularly test the sophisticated material standards.


SicoTra® Vignettes serve as official labelling for emission reduction (fine particle badge), as a permit verification, for the control and surveillance of parking spaces within municipal areas or as proof of payment of road charges.

It has to be possible to validate the different versions of the vignettes, which are usually applied to the windscreen of the motor vehicle, for their authenticity. At the same time they place high demands on the prevention from transfer, unauthorized re-use and any attempts to remove them must be irreversibly visible.

SicoTra® Vignettes fulfil all of these requirements. Through the application of various security and authenticity characteristics and the use of special security foil, unauthorized re-use or other attempts at manipulation are almost impossible.