COVID-19 vaccination certificate

A security seal over the vaccine sticker proves that the vaccination was carried out. The seal is machine-readable, protected against forgery and cannot be removed and transferred.

The batch label of the COVID-19 vaccine is stuck into the vaccination record of the vaccinated person, just like any other vaccination. Our document seal is simply stuck over this label, reliably protects the underlying information against manipulation and unequivocally proves the authenticity of the document.

Visible and invisible authenticity features such as passports or banknotes

The COVID-19 vaccination certificate has guilloches and colours that change with the angle of incidence. Numbering with the same barcode makes every seal unique and enables the vaccination process to be recorded digitally.

Visible features


Once applied, the seal can no longer be peeled off and transferred undamaged. The seal clings to the batch label and protects it from manipulation.

UV sight

A UV feature that is invisible in daylight provides additional copy security.

The advantages of the COVID-19 proof seal

  • Saving time in the vaccination centres saves lives. It doesn't get any faster than sticking a sticker over the vaccination information. Imagine the queues in front of the vaccination centres if, in addition to the actual jab, they also had to deal with data collection and the commissioning of ID cards!

  • The solution is inexpensive and uncomplicated, because the existing vaccination pass and the batch labels are retained. Only the proof of vaccination is sealed tamper-proof. This is logistically and organisationally much easier than, for example, introducing new vaccination records.

  • Easy to use, by sticking it on. Ready!

  • The solution has proven itself. Since 1996 we have produced similar seals millions of times for the authentication of vehicle documents.

  • No forgery and transfers possible! We don't know of any successful manipulation.

  • Digital recording and online query of vaccination status are made possible by a unique number and the corresponding barcode..

  • Safe and well-rehearsed production and logistics thanks to processes that have been practised with the authorities for decades. As a security and security printing company, we ensure that delivery is only made to authorised recipients.